About SCI

Through systemic constellations, we restore relationships – to community, health, self and spirit.

Seattle Constellations Institute is a dedicated leader in the field of using systemic constellations-based work to heal and transform relationships, and is a premier educational resource for this powerful, research-based and solution-focused work.

We believe relationships are what matter most in life. The quality of our connections with people, to our physical environment and personal history have a deep and undisputed impact on our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Our efforts focus on helping individuals and communities restore critical relationships in order to heal and thrive. We are a network of holistic behavioral health professionals, international scholars and systemic constellations trainers who skillfully restore acceptance,  trust and love. Simply put, we are healers. We share the wisdom of systemic constellation work in the form of consulting services and training.

We Currently Serve:

  • Healing Professionals, Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Executives and Managers
  • Family-Owned and Family-Run Businesses
  • Couple and Family Therapists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers

Improve Your Connections:

  • At home – family life
  • At work – teams and organizations
  • With your inner self – your purpose and true nature
  • With your health – mental and physical self care
  • With your spirit – ties to ancestral history, the natural world and beyond

Read examples of how our work transforms relationships, from strengthening family ties to unifying corporate teams.

Systemic constellations work is used successfully worldwide in a variety of fields and settings, ranging from family therapy to tribal communities to corporate training.

More About Constellations

World-renowned educators and local experts deliver our programs.

train1We partner with global authorities on topics such as systemic constellations, trauma, attachment, conflict resolution, ancestral healing and constellations facilitator training. Our intention is to provide world-class education and access to this remarkable and ever-evolving work. We offer a variety of programs, serving a wide range of people and communities, but all focused on our sole mission: healing relationships.

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We can design services to meet your needs.

CommunityThrough our consulting services Seattle Constellations Institute can create programs to meet individual needs as well as the needs of specific groups, organizations and businesses. For groups, we can customize programs and services specifically for you, or you may choose to attend a variety of our programs already designed for personal and professional growth. We also provide personal counseling or coaching in a confidential and private office setting. Interested in working with us? Whether it’s organizational team building or healing personal grief, we can help. Get in touch!

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