Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training Program Graduates

If you feel called to this sacred work, you’ll know it. Here are the stories of some graduates who heeded the call of their inner wisdom and completed our Facilitator Training program.


“Systemic Constellations is one of the most powerful and fun healing methods I’ve experienced. It has helped me access hidden dynamics that have impacted my life in ways that I never would have otherwise discovered, allowing for some very deep healing and resolution in my soul. Mark Johnson is gifted facilitator who creates a safe container for the theater of this work. He has an extraordinary ability to see beneath the surface and is equally gifted as a healer. With a masterful command and a great sense of humor, I’ve experienced his approach to be fresh and responsive to each individual in a most caring and respectful way. I have attended many of Mark’s workshops as well as his facilitator training and am ever grateful for his generosity of spirit and the impact he, and systemic constellations, has had in my life. I have never seen such a diversity of participants as at a constellation workshop…people from all ages and walks of life have attended and benefited from these workshops.”

– Michelle McKinney, Shamanic Practitioner • 2007 Graduate

Workshop and Event Participants

Community Building Through Constellations

Therapists, facilitators and others who have an interest in emotional and spiritual healing find our workshops extremely beneficial – both in clinical practice and personal life.

“I like that Family Constellations has it’s simple but profound Orders Of Love. Family constellations help you figure out what’s your to work on and what you have inherited and need to give back to your ancestors. Standing in as a representative is sacred adult playtime.”

-Dr. Kaiten Rivers, Naturopathic Physician
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