Systemic Constellations

So, What Exactly Are Systemic Constellations?

Great question!

Constellation work is a process that quickly provides clarity and resolution to personal, professional and health-related issues. The goal of this unique method is to identify the hidden dynamics that influence a particular issue. This approach promotes practical and sustainable solutions for long-term change.

Constellations were originally developed as a process facilitated in a group setting. Groups are still very common, yet this work is also quite effective when used in one-to-one sessions (i.e., in-person consultation, Skype or by phone).

During the past 30 years, constellation work has successfully been developed for a wide variety of professional and personal applications. Read more about:

  • Family Constellations
  • Organizational Constellations and
  • Ceremonial Constellations on our Consulting page.

Group Format

When facilitated in a group setting, a constellation facilitator and workshop participants convene to support or witness the resolution of the issues presented. All activity in a constellation is voluntary, so participants engage in the process according to their personal comfort. A workshop participant decides whether or not they will present a topic for consideration.

The Facilitation Process

Facilitators, their facilitation approaches, are varied and diverse. The facilitation process may be influenced by a particular cultural context or by the training, personal style, and talents of the facilitator. This summary is offered as one common approach.

The constellation facilitator invites participants to identify an issue they seek to better understand or resolve. When someone has volunteered to become the focus of the process, the facilitator conducts a brief interview with this person (sometimes called a client, patient or seeker) to clarify the issue. With guidance from the facilitator, participants from the group are invited to represent important aspects of the presenting issue. They play the role of representatives in the process.


Representatives do not need any prior knowledge of the issue nor of the seeker. No training is required for representatives to effectively provide valuable information toward a resolution. Although the focus is on the seeker’s constellation, this method may provide deep insight, relief, support, or healing for those involved as a representative or as an active witness.

 And Finally. . .

Why are they called constellations? As the original work of Family Constellations was being developed in Germany, the practice of placing representatives into a spatial relationship to each other, reminded some of the early facilitators of a celestial constellation.


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Real Examples of Healing and Change Through Constellations

We work with folks from all different walks of life, presenting a wide range of struggles and types of disconnection from family, community, self and spirit. Though life circumstances vary, the source of strength and renewal we rely up on in systemic constellations work is constant: the intrinsic human spirit. It proves to us again and again that all kinds of relationships can heal and change. Identifying information in the stories that follow has been altered to respect the privacy of those who have graciously given permission to share their stories here.

A Family

Bob, his wife Jenny and their teenage son, Robby were attending their first constellation workshop at the invitation of Bob’s father, Rusty. Bob asked for a constellation to address the issue of ‘disconnection’ from his family and loved ones.

In Business

In BusinessAs a corporate leader, Sara, is well respected in business and seen as a rising talent in her company. Sara came to a constellation workshop because she was concerned about navigating a particularly difficult transition in her department.

A Mother and Child

Mother and SonAlthough the birth of her first child was normal, it was shortly afterward Heather began to have panic attacks and nightmares that her healthy son would suddenly die.

An Indigenous Tribe

TribeThis constellation workshop was part of a regional initiative to improve health and wellness for rural Indigenous communities.


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