Seattle Constellations Institute can create programs to meet your individual needs as well as the group needs of organizations and businesses. For groups, we can customize programs and services specifically for you, or you may choose to attend a variety of our programs already designed for personal and professional growth. We also provide personal coaching and counseling in a confidential and private office setting. Interested in working with us? Whether it’s organizational team building or healing personal grief, we can help. Get in touch!


We have significant experience working one-on-one with executives and leaders who seek to repair strained relationships and establish a deeper connection to their team and mission. We also counsel individuals who simply want to experience this transformative work in a private setting.


Our most typical group Constellation formats include:

Real Examples of Healing and Change

We work with folks from all different walks of life, presenting a wide range of struggles and types of disconnection from family, community, self and spirit. Though life circumstances vary, the source of strength and renewal we rely up on in systemic constellations work is constant: the intrinsic human spirit. It proves to us again and again that all kinds of relationships can heal and change. Identifying information in the stories that follow has been altered to respect the privacy of those who have graciously given permission to share their stories here.

A Family

Bob, his wife Jenny and their teenage son, Robby were attending their first constellation workshop at the invitation of Bob’s father, Rusty. Bob asked for a constellation to address the issue of ‘disconnection’ from his family and loved ones.

In Business

In BusinessAs a corporate leader, Sara, is well respected in business and seen as a rising talent in her company. Sara came to a constellation workshop because she was concerned about navigating a particularly difficult transition in her department.

A Mother and Child

Mother and SonAlthough the birth of her first child was normal, it was shortly afterward Heather began to have panic attacks and nightmares that her healthy son would suddenly die.

An Indigenous Tribe

TribeThis constellation workshop was part of a regional initiative to improve health and wellness for rural Indigenous communities.


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