Mark A. Johnson, SCI Founder

Mark A. Johnson, SCI Founder, PhD(c), LMFT

Mark A. Johnson, SCI Founder, PhD(c), LMFT

My life’s work is dedicated to bringing the healing power of systemic constellations to those in need.

My path to discovering systemic constellations began in May 2000 with a workshop facilitated by Dietrich Weth of Frankfurt, Germany. I created Seattle Constellations Institute in 2008, because I wanted to offer high quality workshops, training and programs for professional development and personal growth. SCI began as an adjunct to my private practice in psychotherapy and couple’s therapy, to became a significant focus of my work with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. Today, SCI ‘s is expanding locally to include services for Indigenous Tribal organisations and overseas for Māori communities in New Zealand and Aboriginal communities in Australia. Constellation-Based Consulting, Healing and Training have an active role in SCI’s upcoming programming and our Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training Program.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington State. I graduated from Bastyr University/ Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), with a Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science and a Systems Counseling concentration. I have been in private practice in Seattle since 1995. I am a doctoral candidate, pursuing a PhD in Wisdom Studies with a concentration in Earth Wisdom and the Indigenous Mind. My research explores the interface between traditional Indigenous healing practices and the Experiential Therapies of Western Psychology.

Constellations-Based Consulting, Healing and Training

I have an active role in SCI’s event programming and our Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training Program. Facilitating the healing processes is integral to my mission.

My Counseling Practice

My current practice consists of individual, couple, family, and group therapy in a private setting.  I use systemic constellation practices and principles as a framework throughout my counseling practice. I view individuals and couples in the context of their original family system, and the family in context to their larger community or collective. More about my Counseling Practice.

My therapeutic practices are eclectic and holistic with specific approaches designed around the goals and needs of the individuals involved.

Contact Information

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