We Offer a Variety of Training Opportunities to the Community:

Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training Program

Learn to restore relationships and promote healthy dynamics in human systems.

Learn with real people in real time. This 15 – month formal certificate training program provides the foundational framework necessary to facilitate systemic constellation groups or to work in individual settings. Students learn together in a mutually supportive cohort environment. A 24-day training, this program meets for a total of six four-day modules. Each module includes participation in a public workshop, theory, experiential learning, and supervised practice. Students solidify skills between modules as members of their peer-practice group. In the final module students demonstrate their facilitation skills in a public workshop.

  • Enhance your professional services for greater value and satisfaction
  • Have more efficient results with your customers or client
  • Utilize facilitation skills for group and one-to-one sessions or workshops
  • Leverage systemic wisdom personally and professionally
  • Theoretical & experiential learning
  • Practical skills development
  • Direct coaching & supervision
  • Positive reinforcement & feedback
  • 162 CEUs for licensed professionals


Interested? Contact us for more information about how you can join the next cohort!


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Professional Continuing Education

Workshops and Courses for Therapists and Facilitators

Our continuing education workshops and courses are open to all Licensed Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Therapists and Associates. Approved courses meet the Department of Health licensure requirements in Washington State. In almost all cases they will be a combination of didactic content, interactional and experiential learning. The number of continuing education units given for each course varies. One-day courses and are generally six CEUs, while workshops and training programs are dependent on the number of instruction hours. For more information on SCI’s Continuing Education workshops and courses please contact us.

Programs and Events for Everyone

Ways to Nurture your Personal Wellbeing and Relationships

Though many of our offerings provide CEUs to therapists, they also happen to be open to anyone who feels drawn to benefit from the experience. Our events address in-demand topics such as ancestral healing, love and attachment, trauma, refining your professional path, and creating a personal wellness plan. We hope you will join us!


Browse a complete list of upcoming events and trainings on our Events page.

Open Facilitation Practice

An opportunity to hone your skills and prepare for our formal training program

Open practice sessions are open to all those interested in learning about and practicing the art of constellation facilitation no matter your skill level or experience. Our instructor meets the students where they are and the group progresses together. Open practice sessions are considerably less structured than our Formal Constellation Facilitator Training Program or the CEU classes. No previous training is required. The environment created is one of mutual support and respect. While participants are invited to set up a constellation for themselves with time permitting, there is no guarantee that each and every participant will be able to do so. This is a drop-in class format, so the group identity is different each session. Registration is required. Those who are interested in our 12-month post-graduate Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training Program will consider these sessions valuable preparation. For more information about our Open Facilitation Practice sessions and to register please contact us.

Facilitation Mentor Group

Informal training for those who are committed to learning facilitation skills

This is a drop-in training group designed to provide constellation theory, experiential learning and personal growth opportunities. It’s a low-cost program offering behind-the-scenes participation in constellation demos, workshops and as a guest in the formal facilitator training days. SCI provides a structured environment that incorporates the needs of members by providing tailored instruction.

Participation in our Facilitator Mentor Group can also be valuable preparation for those considering joining our Formal Constellation Facilitator Training Program.

A Facilitation Mentor Group generally forms at the request of a core group of students who regularly attend the Open Facilitation Practice sessions (and who are not involved in our formal Facilitation Program). The Mentor Group is a way for these students to deepen their practice.
Additional attention will be given to this committed group, such as meeting more often in order to learn from experience. To schedule a mentor group or to request more information please contact us.